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Interior - Unitarian Universalist Church
695 Elmwood Avenue, at West Ferry, Buffalo, New York

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2003 Photos

Nave and sanctuary

Nave and sanctuary

Quatrefoil, and cinquefoil tracery

Cinquefoil / ogee arched, crocketed carved oak choir screen (reredos)

Cinquefoil / ogee arched, crocketed carved oak choir screen (reredos)

  • Canopied ecclesiastical seat

Pulpit ... Multifoil / ogee arch ornamentation

  • Carved grape (symbolic of the Eucharist) decoration
  • Multifoil / ogee arch ornamentation

Cinquefoil / ogee arched, crocketed carved oak choir screen (reredos) on left side of the sanctuary

Three carved corbels help support hammer beam roof

Center carved, foliated corbel: "In Memory of Henry Mellen Kent."

Left carved, foliated corbel: "I823," the birth date of Henry Mellen Kent.

Oak hammer beam roof

Oak hammer beam roof

Pendants, from which hang light fixtures

East side of the nave and the choir loft above the south side (main entrance) of the church

Arts and Crafts style wrought-iron electroliers

Nave stained glass windows

Nave stained glass windows - detail

Nave stained glass window - detail. This window is identical to the others in the nave except for the quote from the Bible

Oak hammer beam roof and choir loft

Oak hammer beam roof with limestone supporting corbels

Choir loft ... Gothic Revival multifoil / ogee arches around organ pipes

Perforated wall supporting choir loft

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Choir loft railing and top of supporting wall with Gothic Revival ornamentation

Perforated wall supporting choir loft ... Gothic Revival ornamentation

Church Directory Cover - not dated

The style of the interior is a combination of Gothic Revival (especially the sanctuary and choir loft) and Arts and Crafts (especially the oak hammer beam roof). The interior has been called one of the best Arts and Crafts spaces in Buffalo.

Seating 800 people, the interior is unique in that it is not plastered, rather being finished entirely in stone (Indiana limestone) and oak. The oak hammer beam roof truss of the main auditorium is perhaps the most impressive of its kind in the city.

Notable features:

On either side of the sanctuary, there are three corresponding corbels that memorialize the parents of the two architects of the church, Edward and William Kent.


Special thanks to Senior Minister Rev. Joel Miller for his cooperation
and to Church Historian Bill Parke for his assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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