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Communion Table - Trinity United Methodist Church
2100 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island NY

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John Highland, Buffalo
Artist, Windows and Cross: Roy Calligan, Carnegie, Pa.


Neo-Expressionist Modern

Note the triangular cut-out carpet, under which the communion table is stored. The triangular table symbolically represents the Trinity, part of the name of this church.

Note air pressure condenser at left which is the power source for raising and lowering the communion table.

The carpet has been removed and the communion table raised on  on the center retractable metal post.
Note the labeled wooden pieces which will be assembled to support the now removed carpet.

The table is 6" solid African mahogany.

Carpet supports being assembled.

 Metal post has been retracted; carpet hs been laid under the communion table.
Altar rails have been carried to the chancel and  dropped into predrilled holes. Note the carpeted wooden blocks that are lying about: they filled the holes when the communion table was stored beneath the floor.

Communion table and altar rails are ready for Sunday service!

Special thanks to Pastor Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs for his cooperation.

Photos and their arrangement © 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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