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Lions with Ten Commandments  

Buffalo Religious Art Center, Buffalo

Tas (Torah Shield
Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo

Tas (Torah Shield)
Holocaust Memorial Synagogue, Moscow, Russia

Lion of Judah

From ancient times to the present, the "Lion of Judah" has been one of the most popular symbols of the Jewish people.

The tribe of Judah is inextricably linked with this symbol (David, a descendant of Judah, is identified with the lion, as is the Davidic monarchy and the Messiah who will spring from this royal house).

Standing, reclining or leaping, they are almost always in harmonious pairs, by contrast with other animals that are depicted in a state of struggle.

During the last two centuries, lions on Jewish ceremonial art are generally portrayed carrying the Tablets.

Crown: "The crown that has become a central motif in Jewish art during recent centuries is similar in form to the crowns of the kings of Europe. It is extremely common on ceremonial objects related to the Torah scroll and is often portrayed as being borne by lions or hovering over them." - Ida Huberman, The Crown Motif in Jewish Art (Jan. 2011)

Twin 10 Commandments tablets

Flanking lions

Garlanded(?) columns

Star of David

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