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Aurora, New York, Brickyards
Excerpts from 150 Years in Aurora, 1818-1868

The Town of Aurora has had many brick yards from the earliest days, as the soil in many areas has the necessary materials.

Hambleton's Brick Yard before 1832 was located at Davis and Route 20A on North side.

Mosher's Brick Yard was in the general vicinity of South Wales on Route 16, and the Adams family on Route 16 made bricks on their farm.

From 1840 or before that time there were three brick yards on Route 240 at the Aurora Orchard Park Townline:

In 1928, the John H. Black Co. began the manufacture of Haydite, a light weight aggregate used in heavy construction for inside building blocks. In 1977, the brick kilns were torn out. The company sold out to Anchor Concrete Products, Inc., who engaged only in the Haydite process in Jewettville, N.Y.

Special thanks to Muriel J. Case and Frank Clement for their research on the subject

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