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Buffalo Area Brickyards
Buffalo, NY

  From To Office Address Brand
Acme Shale Brick Co. 1919 1970 Buffalo; Brickyard on Pleasant Ave in Hamburg  
Adams Brick & Terra Cotta Co. 1895   Buffalo  
Balcom, Lawrence       LB Co
Balcom, P. A. (Philo) 1864 1874 Main and Ferry, Buffalo  
Bender, Henry (South Bflo Brick Co, Indian Church & Mineral Springs 1889? 1921 Buffalo BENDER
Bentz (sic?), W. & Bros.

Betz, Henry 1857
Betz (sic?), W. & Bros. 1899   Buffalo BETZ (sic?)
Berrick, Charles & Sons 1895   Buffalo  
Berrick, Charles (Sons of) 1900 1905 1151 Main, Buffalo CB&S
Betz, W. & Bros. 1895 1900 Buffalo  
Black Rock Sewer Pipe Co. 1895   Buffalo  
Black, John H. 1896 1957 Buffalo  
Brush, Alexander 1874   Swan and Mohawk, Buffalo

1879 at North & Swan
Brush Bros. (William H. & S. C.) 1864 1908 Clinton near Raze, Buffalo BB
Brush, Milton (listed in 1877 City Directory; at some point partner in Brush Bros.) 1899   229 South Division, Buffalo  
Brush, William C. (died Oct 1907; 3 sons took over brickyard) 1864 1874 Buffalo  
Brush, William H. 1874 1907 Buffalo  
Brush & Schmidt 1899   Jewettville B&S

S inside horseshoe shape
Buffalo Brick Corp. 1959   Buffalo BUFFALO
Buffalo Clay Products Co. (Builders Supply Co.) 1917  
Buffalo Fire Brick Works (Hall & Sons) 1874   Buffalo  
Buffalo Pressed Brick (listed in 1858 City Directory)     Buffalo  
Builders Supply Co. 1912 1914 Buffalo  
Butler, George W. Co (listed in 1923 City Directory)     408 Pearl, Buffalo  
Dickey, Benjamin N. (listed in 1858 City Directory)   c. 1865 Canal St., Buffalo  

Dietschler, Henry 1874 1895?
Clinton St, Buffalo D
Dietschler, Henry & Son 1895   Buffalo  
Dietschler, Henry (Sons of) 1905   Buffalo  
Eckford, Richard 1874   Buffalo  
Ellicott Brick Corp. 1905   Buffalo  
Elwood, John 1864   Buffalo  
Empire     Orchard Park EMPIRE
Gordon, John 1864   Buffalo  
Gordon, Patrick 1874   Buffalo  
Haake, Fred W. 1895 1898 Buffalo  
Haake, Fred W. & Son 1900? 1899?   Buffalo  

Hall & Sons Inc. 1895? 1899? 1930 Tonawanda and Niagara Sts., Buffalo (Today: Fedders CVo.) HALL & SONS NO. 1 BUFFALO N Y

Hall Fire Brick Co. 1935   Buffalo HALL
Harnbuckler, R. 1864   Buffalo  
Hebert & Schusler 1895   Buffalo  
Hilton, J. 1899   Dunkirk  
Holmes, John 1895   Buffalo  
Hunt, Horace     Buffalo H
Kirkover, Louis 1862 1897 420 Seneca, Buffalo  
Lagler, Charles 1874   Buffalo  
Lockport Brick Co.

Mosley, Charles Ferry & Prospect 1863
Niagara Brick Press (listed in 1877 City Directory)     Buffalo  
North Collins Shale Brick Co.     Buffalo  
Ralph, Jesse 1864   Buffalo  
Riesterer 1899 Tonawanda    
Robson, Robert 1874   Buffalo  
Schmidt, George W. 1887 1918 Buffalo  
Schusler Brick Co. 1906 1919 Buffalo  
Schusler, Edward & Co. 1895 1905 Buffalo  
Star Brick Co.     Plant on Pavement Road, Lancaster star shape
Tonawanda Brick     Tonawanda TB
Tyrrell & Matthews 1868   Buffalo
Plant at 744 Ferry St

The sources for the compiled chart above are the following:

Buffalo City Directory Information

The information below is an excerpt from "Up Against the Wall: An Archeological Field Guide to Bricks in Western New York," by Michael N. Vogel, 1995

In Buffalo, in the 1890s, according to former International Brick Collectors Association president Frank J. Clement of Orchard Park, there were 35 to 40 brickyards in the farms that made their own bricks."

City directories trace the prevalence of the industry:

Two major names in early years were John Black and William Brush, once co-owners of a brickworks. Black apparently bought out Brush, who went on to form Brush Brothers with his brother Alexander, who was a three-term mayor of Btiffato. The Brush brickyards donated bricks to Father Baker, for construction of his Lackawanna complex.

A great quantity of the city's bricks were made in outlying areas as well.

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