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George Raggi

Stations of the cross:

Pepini, the Italian artist who took on the project, took 14 years

Stained glass windows:

Otto Andrle

Number of angels depicted:

About 2,000

2003 Photos

Nave and sanctuary, including baldachino     ...   The Basilica's pews are made of rare African mahogany, and provide seating for more than1,200 individuals. Mimicking the design of sports arenas, the shrine's floor and aisle are gradually sloped.

Sanctuary:   baldachino: twisted red Baroque columns of rare Pyrenese marble

Baldachino detail    ...    Nine-foot-tall, 1,600-pound statue of Our Lady of Victory which was sculpted in Italy    ...    Flanking the altar are four swirled marble columns of rare red Pyrenese marble.     ...     Reminiscent of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Great Dome.
The decoration of the structure, 80 feet in diameter and close to 120 feet from the floor, is a true masterwork.     ...    The theme is the Assumption and Coronation of the Blessed Mother.     ,,,    In bright colors on a blue sky-like background, numerous figures share in Mary's triumph.     ...    Around the dome's outer edge, the 12 apostles and three archangels are shown, while an angelic host carries Mary heavenward.     ...    Slightly higher within the dome, her destination is seen: the Holy Trinity awaits her (Jesus is in red robes).     ...    A dove (symbolizing the Holy Spirit) is at the very top of the work.     ...    Reminiscent of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.    ...    Two details below:

Great Dome detail #1

Great Dome detail #2

The barrel vaulted ceiling is covered by five giant murals

Angel ceiling ornamentation

14 Stations (and two additional sculptured groupings) each could be considered a masterwork.     ...    Each scene consists of life-sized figures that have been carved from a single piece of marble (as opposed to being sculpted separately and then assembled).     ...    Pepini, the Italian artist who took on the project, took 14 years to complete all 16 stations

Stations of the Cross

Station of the Cross

Marble statue in niche.    ...    Coquillage    ...    Festoons

Stained glass window by Otto Andrle


Mural: Herod's Massacre of First Born Hebrew Male Infants (Matthew 2:16-18)

Mosaic/mural in vestibule: Palm Sunday

Marble floor and columns    ...   Inspired by St. Peter's in Rome

Some of the captions were copied from the  Our Lady of Victory Basilica Official Home Page  (online 2003)

Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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