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Ross Funeral Home
117 Main Street in the Village of Akron in the Town of Newstead, NY

James Schad, owner of the Schad Funeral Service, also ran a wallpaper and paint store at 60 Main Street, Akron. Although Schad embalmed the deceased, funeral services were held at the family homes.

In the early 1930's, Adrian Ross came to Akron from Medina, N. Y. to work with the Schad. Mr. Also working for Mr. Schad was Mr. Bernhardt.


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Mural: First United Methodist Church on Church St

Ross Funeral Home

Main Street entrance

Tympanum with king post, collar beam and collar braces

Knee braces with pendant


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Mural: Hoag Lumber Co.

Medical office and residence of Dr. O. P. Crane

When Mr. Schad died, Mr. Ross worked away from the area for a couple of years. Mr. Bernhardt opened his own funeral home on Main Street. In 1940, Ross purchased the Schad business.

During W.W. II, Ross worked in a defense plant, ran the funeral business and wallpaper and paint store and the ambulance service. At that time, he answered the fire calls for the fire department and rang the siren when the fire company was needed. He helped raise two sons and a daughter.

In 1960, Ross' son David joined the business as a licensed funeral director and embalmer and helped in the family business. During the 1970's, the funeral home was redone, Mrs. Ross died, and Mr. Ross semi-retired. The wallpaper and paint store was sold. In the early 1980's, David Ross opened the funeral home at 117 Main Street, the present location.

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