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West nave windows - Assumption RC Church
435 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

The studios that produced the  stained glass windows in the church, including the nave windows illustrated here, are unknown due to flooding that destroyed many church records. Henry Swiatek, Jr. opines that the nave windows are European, probably German. 

All the windows are two-panel windows with rounded arches united by a semicircle. All the windows are in the pictorial Renaissance style of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. They are heavily painted in enamel on glass and are rich in color with large realistic figures heavily painted in rich and dark colors.  The Renaissance style window is three-dimensional, an effect aided by the landscape in the background.

Illustrations below are of windows starting near the front of the church (altar).  The theme is Biblical Scenes of Jesus, in contrast to the east nave where Saints are featured.

Illustrations below (reverse chronological order): Jesus Appears to a Saint ..... Resurrection ..... Preaching ..... Gives Peter the Keys to Heaven ..... Baptism ..... Jesus Learns Carpentry ..... Holy Family ..... Presentation of Jesus in the Temple ..... Nativity/Shepherds  .....  Annunciation

West nave

Left: West transept
The 2010-11 renovation project  included gilding the capitals.

"The architectural canopies in the space above the figures are a favorite device used by the German Studios to fill large windows. This device was first introduced in the fourteenth century when German cathedrals began to soar and windows became taller and narrower." – Nola Huse Tutag, Discovering Stained Glass in Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1987, p. 93


The Resurrection

Luke 18:16: "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs."

Christ Gives Peter the Keys to Heaven

Baptism of Jesus

Jesus Learns Carpentry

The Holy Family

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple


The Annunciation

Special thanks to  Rev. Richard Jedrzejewski, Pastor, for his cooperation
and to Henry and Brett Swiatek of Swiatek Studios for their assistance.

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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