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Ashley Kay (Wiggins), artist


Photo taken July 28, 2021 in the Seneca One tunnel
Ashley Kay is an emerging visual artist currently working out of Buffalo, NY. As an artist Ashley’s work focuses primarily on drawing, painting, and wearable art design.

After graduating from Buffalo State College with a degree in Art in 2012, Ashley began job searching with the hopes of finding a career that immersed her in the worlds of art or fashion. After job searching for quite some time and becoming discouraged with the creative job opportunities in her area, She decided that instead of looking for a career, she was going to turn her then, art hobby, into the profitable career she had been searching for.

She began building an "inventory" of artwork during the down time her daytime office job until she had a sizable amount of artwork produced. This led to her having enough confidence in her talents to start selling her work. She began participating in local art festivals in the Buffalo area in 2014, going from participating in just 1 festival her first year, to participating in about 15 the next in 2015 across New York State.

She began expanding her art knowledge and experiences in design when she was asked to be the head designer in the 2015 Buffalo Fashion Show.

Ashley finally had enough courage at the end of 2015 to break free of her full time office job to pursue a creative career path.
- Linkin (online June 2021)

Til Death Do Us Part

HANSA mural    ...    Photo source:  Ashley Kay Facebook

We Rise by Lifting Others mural

Love during the 2020 Covid Pandemic

Photos and their arrangement 2021 Chuck LaChiusa
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