Copied from a vertical file in the Local History Department of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

The following is reprinted from Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition, May, 1890

One of our colored plates this month represents the tasteful cottage of Mr. Stimson, Fargo Avenue, Buffalo, New York, Chas. Swan, architect. Our illustration is from a photograph of the house specially taken for the Scientific American.

The dimensions of the rooms are shown in the floor plans, and on page 86 we give a sheet of details which will be useful for the builder.

The front of the house has a quaint and striking appearance, and yet the entire cost of the structure has been brought down to very moderate proportions. The rooms are conveniently arranged, and the building throughout is attractive and desirable.

Below the top illustration is a 2012 photograph supplied by Brigidann Rauch, resident member and board member of Nickel City Housing Cooperative.