Copied from a vertical file in the Local History Department of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

The following is reprinted from Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition, April, 1890

We publish in this issue a colored view and suggestive floor plans for the above residence. The view from a photograph of the building taken especially for the Scientific American. Chas. Swan Esq., architect. On page 71 we give as sheet of details.

The foundation walls are of brick, the house being cellared throughout. The first story is of close lap clapboards, which have a very neat appearance. The second stories are arranged peculiarly in the roof. This stamps the house with originality. The windows are wide and fitted with plate glass. The piazza is six steps up from the terrace. The terrace being three steps up from the sidewalk.

The interior is elegantly finished in hard wood. The parlor is 13 X 18' 6", library 11' 6" X 15, the dining room 12 X 12, kitchen 11 X 12. On the upper story we have a toilet room and bed rooms fitted with closets and well lighted. The cost of the house is $7000.