Buffalo Seminary - Table of Contents

Heads of the Buffalo Seminary

1851-1860 Charles E. West
1860-1887 Albert T. Chester
1887-1899 Lucy Lynde Hartt '63
1899-1903 Jessica E. Beers
1903-1952 L. Gertrude Angell
1952-1959 Marian W. Smith
1959-1966 Richard W. Davis
1966-1967 James W. Donnelly
1967-1992 Robert A. Foster
1992-1995 Sarah K. Briggs
1995-2001 Marjorie E. Barney
2001-2007 Sandra P. Gilmor
2007- Jo Ann Douglass

Special thanks to the administration for their cooperation, and especially to Nancy Miller and Gary Sutton for their assistance
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