St. Casimir's RC Church - Table of Contents

2010 - Facade - St. Casimir's RC Church
160 Cable Street, Buffalo, New York
Photos taken November 2010

See multiple photos below:

Northwest view


Above the Entrances

TympanumSt Casimir

Rose window/Wheel window

St. Hyacinth

Saint Stanislaus the Martyr


St Casimir distributing alms and bread to the needy.
Symbols for the Seven Catholic Sacraments:  Baptism / Penance (Confession) / Holy Eucharist / Confirmation / Matrimony /

Anointing of the Sick (known prior to Vatican II as Extreme Unction or "Last Rites") / Holy Orders

Angel Praying the Rosary

Terra cotta columns and wall cladding

Special thanks to Gregory Witul for research assistance.

Photos and their arrangement 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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