Corpus Christi RC Church - Table of Contents

Corpus Christi RC Church - Sanctuary and Nave
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Corpus Christi Official Website
Visitors: Church is open weekdays. Call 716-896-1050 for hours.

Reproduction Raphael, "Disputa Del Santissimo" apse mural:
By Marion Rzeznik, in collaboration with Gonippo Raggi.
2011 restoration by Roman Kujawa
Stained glass windows:
By Mayer of Munich

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Nave and sanctuary
The interior of Corpus Christi
was fitted with over 11,000 lights

Main altar

Apse has reproduction of
Raphael's Disputa in the semidome





Mazur sanctuary paintings
of six angels on canvas.

Italian marble pulpit and chancel railing.

Romanesque arches

Ribs; boss



The capitals of the nave columns
were hand carved by J. Shepperd Craig

St. Anthony's altar,
one of two side altars

Special thanks to Corpus Christi Pastor Rev. Karl Kolodziejski, OFM, for his cooperation in 2002

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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