Samuel Risman House
3 Chapin Parkway , Buffalo, NY

2016 photos -  Exterior
2016 photos -  Vestibule /
Entry hall / Living room / Sun room
2016 photos - 
Dining room /  Family room / Second floor

Special thanks to owners Jennifer and Jason Lang
for their assistance in 2016
Lang Furniture Collection

The furniture was collected over a 30 year period beginning in 1985 by my parents, via auctions and catalogs and across a geographical range stretching from Ohio to Maine (through primarily in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts). 

Due to an interest in American history, the collection focused on American made and styled prices from the the Pre-Revolutionary period through the early 1800s.  The Colonial style of furniture was also selected to match the colonial house my parents were living at in the time.

They focused on tiger maple because its distinctive look and the added character and texture it gives to the pieces.
- Jason Lang

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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