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Silo City "City of Night"
Childs Street, Buffalo, NY
September 8, 2012

City of Night - Official Website

The event focuses on history, sustainability, art, and culture by having a number of great activities like kayaking on the Buffalo River, art instillations, live murals, tours of the grain elevators, and much more. There will also be seven bands performing live music, including Free Henry, the band that recently played at this week's Live at Larkin event.

It all begins this Saturday at 4 pm and goes until 2 am the following day, which means a ten-hour party and better yet, the chance to see the sunset at the grain elevators.
- Mike Puma, Don't Miss City of Night at Silo City Tomorrow Buffalo Rising

Silo City is a collection of three grain elevators on Childs at Ohio streets owned by Rick Smith of RiverWright Energy LLC. and who dubbed the site "Silo City." Lake and Rail Elevator, originally part of Silo City, was sold to a Minnesota firm in 2008 and is now in use.  The Silo City elevators:

Photos taken 9pm-11pm

Wall-size photo wheat pasted on wall

Wall-size photo wheat pasted on wall

Wall-size photo wheat pasted on wall.
Note hole in wall used for barley transfer

Wall-size photo wheat pasted on wall.
Silo City steward "Swannie Jim" Watkins.

RigidizedMetals Co.

Special thanks to Silo City owner Rick Smith for his cooperation. PHOTO

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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