Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church - Table of Contents

Interior - Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
146 West Utica Street, Buffalo, NY 14222

2010 Photos

See also: 2002 Interior Photos

Nave and Sanctuary


Note Greek crosses in coffering

Hammer-beam ceiling


Note the Royal Doors in the center.  

Note the Royal Doors at right.
Top tier: Church Feasts tier.
Lower Deisis tier: Annunciation, Archangel Michael, "Mother of God" icons

Lower Deisis tier: Annunciation

Lower Deisis tier: Archangel Michael.

Royal Doors feature the double-headed eagle.
In modern Greece various variations of the two-headed eagles are used in Church flags (based on Byzantine flag patterns) and, officially, by the Greek Army (Coat of Arms of Hellenic Army General Staff).

To the right of the Royal Doors: Christ Pantokrator, Archangel Gabriel, John the Baptist


The pulpit depicts the Four Evangelists

   Icons with bas-relief silver covers with exposed, painted faces and hands.
Annunciation ; Right: John the Baptist

Dove represents the Holy Spirit

Archangel Gabriel and Mary

n John the Baptist  (Note the camel's hairshirt)

Special thanks for the Rev. Dr. Father Christos B. Christakis for his cooperation in 2010

Photos and their arrangement 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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