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Statler Hotel / Statler City
107 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Statler City - Official Website (online May 2017)


Postcard: Palm Room, Statler Hotel

1921 photo showing Statler Hotel site  Photo courtesy of Ann Palmer

Significance of the Statler Towers Excerpts from the 2010 Nomination to "America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places"

Hollister-Fillmore House/ Hotel Fillmore / Castle Inn Illustrations, history. Demolished for the Statler Hotel

WC Perspective,  2010-2015 History

Exterior photos:

2003 photos - Exterior, Statler Towers

Interior photos:

2002 photos -  Interior, Statler Towers

2011 photos - Interior tour conducted by Statler City owner Mark Croce

2011 photos - Lobby, Statler City

2011 photos - Golden Ballroom

2011 photos - Rendezvous Room

On other websites: 

Susan Eck, Ellsworth Statler in Buffalo: Part 5 - Statler's Most Elegant Hotel

Martin Wachadlo, The Statler is too important a treasure to lose Viewpoint that includes a good history of the building

Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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