Christ Restoring Sight to the Blind - Detail
Iconography in Art and Architecture: Seraph

Produced by Tiffany in 1887, this window shows a sad story Christ heals a man of blindness and, at the same time, enlightens his soul. The blind man and his female companion represent Dr. Sylvester Mixer and his daughter Mary. In 1876, Mary Mixer died in a train wreck near Ashtabula, Ohio. Her father went to the site to retrieve the body and was shaken by the horrible sight of the wreck. Mary's body was never found. Annie Mixer, Mary's sister, died in infancy and is pictured as a winged cherub surrounded by Easter lilies.

Mary E. Knowlton Mixer commissioned the window in 1886 as a memorial to her husband and daughters. The verse in the lower portion is part of a popular hymn Lead, Kindly Light.

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