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Rental: (716)884-0095
Original carriage house demolished:
Late 1930s when the mansion became a restaurant operated by
Kathryn and Oliver Lawrence
Reconstructed carriage house:
2009 carriage house architect:
Schneider Design Architects
2009 carriage house functions:
  • New museum shop and admissions area
  • New, enhanced tour experience for visitors
  • Expanded space for education, meetings, and events
  • Climate- controlled storage space for collections
2009 carriage house awards:

West (Delaware Avenue) elevation.

Facade/main entrance: east (Franklin Street) elevation.
Glass section is the staircase.

Admissions Area / Museum Shop

Executive Director Molly Quackenbush
Orientation Room

Issues Theater


Rental: (716)884-0095
Note wall exhibit, some of which are illustrated below:

Left portrait: George Urban, Jr.

Left: Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt
Right: President William McKinley

Special thanks to Executive Director Molly Quackenbush  for her assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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