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Dining Room
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In the mid-1890s the classical dining room -- with beautiful Georgian Revival woodwork - was designed by George Cary.

President Roosevelt was present for at least a dozen meals in the dining room during his stay in September 1901.

President Taft was also a guest in this room in 1908 and 1910.

When the house was remodeled in the late 1930s for use as a restaurant, the dining room was kept relatively intact.

Click here for a 1965 photograph of the dining room.

The present furniture is mainly period-appropriate, with very few pieces original to the house.

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Georgian Revival woodwork designed by George Cary in the mid-1890s

Note fanlight above the doors

Colonial Revival armchair

Colonial Revival side chair



Georgian Revival leaded glass fanlight

Plaster ceiling medallion

Chandelier original to the house (later electrified)

Georgian Revival mantelpiece

Georgian Revival mantelpiece details:

Georgian Revival mantelpiece details

Georgian Revival room details

Fireplace details

Hob grate for charcoal

Georgian Revival room details

Georgian Revival room details

Door surround: Bay leaves

Detail from previous photo: fluting

Federal style sideboard

Side chair:

Detail from previous photo - Acanthus leaves carving in crest rail

Special thanks to Executive Director Molly Quackenbush and Curator Lenora Henson for their assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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