Golden Hour mural

201 Ellicott Street,  Buffalo, NY
Between Ellicott Street (west), Oak Street (east), Clinton Street (north) and Eagle Street (south)

By Josef Kristofoletti

July 22, 2021 Photos

   Note left (east) panel bordering Oak St. and right (west) panel bordering Ellicott Street   
  ...   At right:  ECC/Old Post Office

Left (east) panel bordering Oak St. and right (west) panel bordering Ellicott Street

East panel bordering Oak St.

East panel bordering Oak St.

West panel bordering Ellicott Street

West panel bordering Ellicott Street

West panel bordering Ellicott Street

West panel bordering Ellicott Street

Partial reprint

Abstract artist Josef Kristofoletti’s Golden Hour @ 201 Ellicott
Mineral paint on Minerit panels
By  Queenseyes
Buffalo Rising July 8, 2021

Abstract artist Josef Kristofoletti’s mural work on the 201 Ellicott project is reaching completion. Titled ‘Golden Hour,’ the artwork is said to be inspired by the time of day that coincides with sunrise and/or sunset. And as we are well aware, Buffalo is one of the very few places in the US where the sun sets over the lake. This “Magic Hour” is indeed a time when people’s imaginations, thoughts, and dreams are unleashed and can soar.

Now, this massive work of art will act as a reminder of our current station as a city on the rise, as witnessed with the construction of the mural’s host building, 201 Ellicott – a mixed use “mobility hub” that will be anchored by Braymiller fresh food market on the corner, across from the Hotel @ The Lafayette and the Central Library.

Paul Ciminelli, President and CEO of Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation commented, “We couldn’t be more excited about delivering another unique canvas for public art in the City of Buffalo. This mural adds a special vibrancy to a highly anticipated project at 201 Ellicott. Public art projects bring excitement and energy to the street level and strengthen the fabric we are all working so hard to build upon.”

The painting of the mural is thanks to the Albright-Knox’s Public Art Initiative that has seen numerous other public works take hold throughout the city and region.

About Josef Kristofoletti

Through large-scale, site-specific mural paintings, Josef Kristofoletti (American, born 1980) addresses how humans interface with both the massive and the infinitesimal.

In 2010, Kristofoletti completed a public mural depicting the 7000-metric ton ATLAS particle detector as an artist-in-residence at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

A founding member of the artist collective Transit Antenna, Kristofoletti has also traveled throughout North America as part of a mobile living experiment that engaged local communities through public interventions. His work on subjects such as nature, technology, space, and architecture has appeared in several publications, including Wired, PBS News Hour, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, Fast Company, and Symmetry Magazine.
- Albright-Knox (online July 2021)

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