2002 photos
The Bennett Apartments

20-30 E. Morris Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Style: Art Deco

Research by Tim Tielman

During the great Depression (1929-1940), what little housing was built in Buffalo (and generally throughout the U.S.) was in the form of apartments using Art Deco design.

Construction: Steel with brick facing: cream-colored brick with brown brick trim

Apartments extend from E. Morris to Benwood Aves. Photograph from E. Morris.

Note horizontal groups of six string courses juxtaposed to vertical bands on left side of building and the vertical entrance bayson far right

Detail from previous photo: vertical bands on side of building.

Entrance bay helps give the appearance of verticality, one of the features of Art Deco. The stylized tree of life motif further emphasizes verticality

Round canopy over entrance continues the brown horizontal band motif.

Bays are created by relatively slight projection of bricks

Horizontal string courses are created by change in brick color and slight projection of bricks

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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