Morris Manor Apartments
35 E. Morris Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Style: Art Deco

During the great Depression (1929-1940), what little housing was built in Buffalo (and generally throughout the U.S.) was in the form of apartments using Art Deco design.

The Morris Manor Apartments have these Art Deco characteristics:

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Central stair tower to create vertical emphasis.
pseudo-Mansard and vaguely Spanish tiles under flat roof, suggesting that the architect wanted to combine the new (Art Deco) with the old.

Main entrance: door surround, Art Deco lettering, side lights around door.
Metal casement windows.
(Different lighting conditions account for difference in coloring between photos.)

One of two decorative rectangles with stylized (abstracted) sun motif.

Central stair tower detail: horizontal ornamentation suggests a cornice; typical Art Deco stylized (abstracted) ornamentation

One of two side towers that help give vertical emphasis to the building. Quoins help give vertical emphasis.

Detail: Side bay creates a tower by clever use of contrasting brick colors, quoins, vertical terra cotta ornament, and suggested stone cornice.

Side tower detail: stylized (abstracted) nature/geometric ornamentation

Also Art Deco: The Bennett Apartments (across the street on Morris Ave.)

Source: June 2000 Preservation Coalition guided tour, Tim Tielman tour guide

Photos and their arrangement © 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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