James McNulty

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James McNulty

Harriet McNulty

121 Chapin Pkwy

The marble McNulty Monument in Forest Lawn Cemetery

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The passage below is an excerpt from
History of the Schoellkopf-Vom Berge Manor
by Julie Robinson Hazzan

The second family to reside at 121 Chapin lived in the home for over 30 years. Mr. James H. McNulty and his wife Harriet, originally from Chicago, had relocated to Buffalo in 1902, where Pratt & Lambert built its main plant. They had moved the principal office from New York City to Buffalo. Mr. McNulty became president of Pratt & Lambert in 1917.

Mr. and Mrs. McNulty's first residence in Buffalo was 116 Oakland Place. They took residence at 121 Chapin in 1924. The family also owned a summer home, Oak Crest, in Lake View, NY.

Mr. McNulty was a well-respected leader in the community, guiding Pratt Lambert during his tenure as president. An article on James McNulty noted, "Probably among all of his interests, the University of Buffalo was nearest his heart. His leadership in its behalf, in its reorganization and in its drive for its $5 million endowment to build a College of Science and Arts on the University campus, endeared him to the whole community."

James McNulty was a member of The Buffalo Club, the Country Club of Buffalo, The Ellicott Club, Wanakah Country Club, Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, and the Lake Shore Hunt Club. He also maintained memberships at the Chicago Athletic Club, Seaview Golf Club and the Engineer's Country Club of Long Island.

Harriet McNulty

Mrs. McNulty was active in various civic organizations, and served as president of the Women's Board of Millard Fillmore Hospital. She was active in Westminster Presbyterian Church and served as a trustee of the First Church of Evans, near her summer home.

After her husband's untimely death in 1926, Harriet McNulty maintained memberships at the 20th Century Club, Country Club of Buffalo, Wanakah Country Club and Buffalo Athletic Club.

Most notable, however, is the fact that at a time when few women were present in board rooms anywhere in the United States, much less in the board room of a large industrial firm, Harriet McNulty became a member of Pratt & Lambert's board of directors at the time of her husband's death and remained a board member for 23 years.

Mr. & Mrs. McNulty had three daughters:

  • Mrs. Robert E. Dillon (Marion Alice)

  • Mrs. Burton F Wilkinson (Elizabeth)
  • Mrs. Willcox B. Adsit (Harriet)

All three daughters attended The Buffalo Seminary, followed by the completion of education at Miss Porter's School, in Framington, Conn.

At the time of James McNulty's death in 1926, a tribute noted that his interests were large and varied, but he made few appearances before the general public. In 1927, Mrs. McNulty and her daughters, in memory of James, established an endowment at UB, and also provided a fund to assist needy students at The Buffalo Seminary. In addition, the family made a gift in Mr. McNulty's memory to Children's Hospital for a nursery.

Mrs. McNulty stayed in the home until her passing in 1956.

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