One Seneca Tower - Table of Contents

Interior - One Seneca Tower
Formerly: Marine Midland Center, HSBC Center
1 HSBC Plaza, Buffalo NY

August, 2015 Photos

First floor escalator to the second floor lobby

Escalator view

Second floor lobby

Security guard in the second floor lobby

Note travertine walls which are found throughout the building (detail below:)

Travertine wall detail

Second floor

Second floor ... Note reinforced concrete pillars (detail below:)

Reinforced concrete  pillar detail

Looking through an office window at Main Street ... Spectacular window views throughout the building


Note acoustical wall (two details below:)

Acoustical wall wooden grid several inches in front of the wall behind ... Additional detailed photo below:

Acoustical wall wooden grid

Note ceiling panels (detail below:)

Ceiling panels ... Cf., similar ceiling in M&T Center

Special thanks to Pyramid Realty's Rich Schechter for his cooperation.
Special thanks to Seneca One Realty's Steve Palmeri and to Explore Buffalo docent Debra Hall-Stonish for their assistance.

Photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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