Henry Mooney House
287 Jersey Street, Buffalo, NY

Brothers Henry and James Mooney built the Brisbane Building (originally named the Mooney-Brisbane Building) at 403 Main Street at Lafayette Square.

This was Henry's house, erected after the Fargo estate was demolished and sold off in smaller lots about 1890. The house was built in 1891.

Both brothers died on the same day, June 16, 1910. James died of illness in his home at 110 Johnson Park; Henry died by committing suicide in the Lafayette Hotel after being denied access to his dying brother.

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House is on former Fargo Mansion grounds -- where the hothouse was located

Brothers Henry and James Mooney built the Brisbane Building

The house was a Shingle style house (like the one next door) originally. Siding now covers shingles on the second and third floors; the first floor still is (painted) brick.

Detail from previous photo

Hexagonal roof

Dormer window

Special thanks to owner Michael Miano for his cooperation and assistance

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