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Herbert H. Hewitt House - Inn Buffalo/Off Elmwood
  619 Lafayette Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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2015 Photos

Vestibule mosaic floor detail features hexagonal and rectangular tesserae.

"Upon entering a typical Eclectic Manse, a visitor encountered a a front hall, usually six to eight feet wide and twelve to twenty feet long, or considerably longer if it ran the length of the house. Its decor indicated the character of both the dwelling and its inhabitants. Decorating books recommended bright colors, a dado and a rail, and hand stenciling or wallpaper.  Most front halls before 1900 included a staircase to the second story." - Thomas J. Schlereth,  Victorian American: Transformations in Everyday Life 1876-1915
Stained Glass Windows

In the foyer, facing the street

In the vestibule, looking into the front hall

Carved acanthus leaves flank the top of the stained glass window

Opalescent stained glass

Hand painted, then refired, medallion

Hand painted, then refired, medallion: Poseidon/Neptune(?)

Hand painted, then refired, medallionGrotesque  ... Note equine imagery: bridle and bit ... One of Hewitt's horses won the Kentucky Derby.

Front hall

Mantelpiece  ...  Three details below:

Mantelpiece detail #1:  Oak ... Top: Leaf-and-dart ... Acanthus leaves

Mantelpiece detail #2:   Acanthus leaf moldings ... Two corbels

Mantelpiece detail #3:   Marble head and  jamb

One of nine identical pneumatic  heat control thermostats in the house manufactured by Johnson Services, Milwaukee, WI, patented 1894

Oak paneling ... Electrical outlet, located a few inches above the floor

Electrical outlet, located a few inches above the floor, closed

Electrical outlet, located a few inches above the floor, open

See also: Front hall staircase

Special thanks to owners Ellen and Joseph Lettieri for their cooperation and assistance in 2015.
Photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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