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Curtiss House

Photo taken in 2011

Photo taken in 2011

2005 Decorators' Show House
Sponsored by Junior League of Buffalo / The Buffalo News

Photographs were taken in March, 2005 -- while basic interior renovation was still taking place -- and before 50 decorators applied their art to transform the building into a show house.

Special thanks to
Co-chair Julie Warman for her cooperation

Photos below taken in 2005
Click on illustrations for larger size -- and additional information

Show House sign

Detail from previous photo

Combination Georgian and Tudor Revival styles

Classical features on the Georgian Revival style house: Mutules and triglyphs with guttae

Copper hopper head and downspout

Onondaga limestone keystone

Tudor Revival style 2-story bay window with parapet was added to the Georgian Revival façade in 1923.

The next door c. 1925 Henry W. Wendt House,120 Lincoln Pkwy. has similar bay to the Curtiss House

Curtiss House parapet detail - carved English strapwork

Bay leaded windows with limestone surround

North side porte-cochere

Main entrance under porte-cochere

1923 rear brick addition.

In 1923, the stable was converted to a garage

Photos and their arrangement © 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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