Edward B. Holmes House - Table of Contents

Edward B. Holmes  House
44 Lincoln Parkway
at Forest Avenue (SW), Buffalo, NY

2008 photo.
Looking south from Forest Avenue

2011 photo.

2008 photo.

Note porte-cochere at right

2008 photo

2011 photo.
Style: Craftsman
Originally, the roof was covered with wooden shingles.

2011 photo.

Tudor arch on porch

Cross gable  roofs

Finial   ........... Half-timbering

Finial   ........... Plain bargeboards

Paired support brackets

Dining room leaded glass transom windows

Front entrance

Side light: Leaded  glass, opalescent stained glass

Leaded  glass,  opalescent stained glass

Special thanks to Kevin and Julie Curtin for their cooperation in 2011)

Research assistance:  Michele Brozek; Fred Schrock; Roanld Schmitz; Martin Wachadlo

Photos and their arrangement 2008, 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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