Edward B. Holmes House - Table of Contents

Edward B. Holmes  House
44 Lincoln Parkway
at Forest Avenue (SW), Buffalo, NY


Stained glass outside  ..... Leaded glass in the foyer

Quatrefoils  in steam radiator

Reception hall

Stained glass outside  ..... Leaded glass in the reception hall  .....  Living room to right

Dining room to the left

Leaded glass

Stained glass  (outside door) seen through leaded glass

Staircase and landing

Landing.  Three-panel  stained glass window details below:

Opalescent glass ..... Leaded glass

Steam radiator with quatrefoil cutouts

Living room

Leaded glass windows

Dining room

Herringbone and voussoir brick patterns.

Special thanks to Kevin and Julie Curtin for their cooperation in 2011)

Research assistance:  Michele Brozek; Fred Schrock; Ronald Schmitz; Martin Wachadlo

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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