Medaille College's President's Residence - Table of Contents

2011 Second Floor
Medaille College President's Residence

88 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, NY
Medaille College Official Website

Furnishings on this floor are the personal property of the Drs. Jurasek.


Art Deco cabinet made in Holland

Note carving (see below)

Scrolling acanthus plant and face.

Carved, foliated  ornamentation

See windows from the adjoining room (below)

Art Deco cabinet made in France

Art Deco glassware in the cabinet

See windows as seen in the hall (above)

Leaded glass tracery

Marble fireplace

Marble   fireplace    frieze

Dr. Richard Jurasek is a cinema buff.  Illustrated are some of his poster collection.

Note unusual heat register.

Special thanks to Medaille College President Dr. Richard Jurasek for his cooperation
and to Dr. Barbara Jurasek for her assistance in 2011

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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