Ellicott Square Building - Ellicott Square Block
295 Main St., Buffalo, New York

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These are the buildings that were the predecesors of the Ellicott Square Building

In 1797, Joseph Ellicott, agent of the Holland Land Co., laid out the village of New Amsterdam, now the city of Buffalo. He reserved for his residence and private estate the most desirable location in the village, which was on the east side of Main Street, extending from Swan Street to Eagle Street.

Subsequently, for about 100 years, his heirs and their successors retained title to that part of the property between Swan Street and South Division Street, extending from Main Street to Washington Street. This area has therefore been known, and is still known, as "Ellicott Square." See Ellicott Square Block for six photos of the buildings that were located on the block prior to the Ellicott Square Building

In 1895, the Ellicott Company commissioned architect Daniel H. Burnham of Chicago to design what they referred to as an "office block" in downtown Buffalo. The result was a building occupying the entire space between Main, South Division, Washington, and Swan Streets.

Source of photos: "The Picture Book of Earlier Buffalo," Severance, Frank H., ed. Buffalo Historical Society, Vol. 16, 1912

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