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2010 - North Chapel Stained Glass Window 
St. Louis RC Church

780 Main Street at Edward, Buffalo, NY

Title: The Annunciation (iconography)
Studio: Royal Art Institute for Stained Glass - Zettler - Munich
Years designed and installed: 1891
Style: Munich Pictorial

Left: Sanctuary (definition). The sanctuary windows behind the altar are by Royal Art Institute for Stained Glass - Zettler - Munich.
The geometric window above the Gothic (definition) arch is by Buffalo Stained Glass Works
North chapel (definition)

The Annunciation (iconography)
Top medallion (definition): God the Father
Isaiah 7:14: Ecce virgo concipiet: Behold a virgin shall conceive

Architectural canopy features pinnacles (definitionand crockets (definition) in the tracery (definition

Holy Spirit (dove: iconography) Mary and Archangel Gabriel (iconography)

Mary (iconography)

Archangel Gabriel (iconography)

Special thanks to Western New York Stained Glass Historian Gregory Witul for research on this window

Photos and their arrangement © 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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