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Morris Avenue
Buffalo, New York

82 Morris Avenue  .....   214 Morris Avenue
Morris Avenue is named after the family of Lewis Jackson Bennett's brother-in-law, John Vedder Morris and his father, Abram Vrooman Morris ["Major Morris"].  John Vedder Morris married Bennett's younger sister, Maria Lydia Bennett, on January 15, 1875. The Bennett and Morris families were acquainted long before that. Abram Vrooman Morris and Bennett were very familiar with each other as contemporaries and businessmen in the Mohawk Valley....

Bennett left the Mohawk Valley for Buffalo in 1866. However, the relationship between the Bennett and Morris families continued after Bennett moved to Buffalo. Two of Major Morris' daughters, Mrs. Spencer Kellogg and Mrs. Sidney McDougall lived in Buffalo and were married to prominent Buffalo businessmen.

In the fall of 1886, Major Morris came to visit his daughters in Buffalo. It was decided that Bennett and his family would accompany the Morris, Kellogg and McDougal families on a trip to Mexico in the spring of 1887.

- James R. Arnone, Central Park, Buffalo, New York: A Neighborhood of History and Tradition, 2010, pp. 130-131

Special thanks to Barbara Townsend for sharing her knowledge about Central Park.

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