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History - The Buffalo News Building
1 News Plaza, Buffalo, NY

The News was founded in 1873 by Edward Hubert Butler, Sr. as a Sunday paper. In 1880, the News began publishing daily editions as well, and in 1914, became an inversion of its original existence by publishing Monday through Saturday only, with no publication on Sunday.

During most of its life, the News was known as The Buffalo Evening News. A gentleman's agreement between the Evening News and the Buffalo Courier-Express meant that the Evening News would be just that, while the Courier-Express would be a morning-only paper. Until 1977, the News did not publish on Sundays, as per this agreement with the Courier, and its weekend edition appeared on Saturday evening.

In 1977, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway purchased the Evening News, and began publishing on Saturday and Sunday mornings. After a period of financial decline, the Courier-Express published its last issue on September 19, 1982. That year, the Evening News shortened its name to The Buffalo News.

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Buffalo: Lake City in Niagara Land
By Richard C. Brown and Bob Watson
USA: Windsor Publications, 1981, p. 263

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