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Fillmore and Cleveland Monuments at City Hall
Buffalo, NY




Bryant Baker

Statue material:

Unveiling: July 1, 1932 (Centennial celebration)
$25,000 Fillmore statue appropriation was provided by the New York State Legislature.

Also by Bryant Baker:

Abraham Lincoln statue in Delaware Park

Excerpt from
Buffalo City Hall: American Masterpiece," by John H. Conlin
Pub. by the Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier, 1993, p. 18

The three-story diagonal walls on the north and the south side of the front elevation are each used as backdrops for monuments to the two Buffalo men who became presidents of the United States. These monuments are part of the original design of City Hall. The granite wall which forms the base of City Hall carries beyond the building in two converging walls which stop short of meeting, leaving an opening for steps to a raised terrace, in the center of which stands a carved marble block, serving as a base for the bronze statue. It is appropriate that City Hall, which everywhere shows a concern for the history and place of Buffalo, should have such memorials.

The two bronze statues are the work of Bryant Baker, a New York City sculptor, chosen as the result of a state-wide competition. He was the sculptor of statues and busts of royalty. His best known work is the "Pioneer Woman" at Ponca, Oklahoma.

Millard Fillmore stands on the south side and Grover Cleveland on the north.

The block on which Cleveland stands bears the phrase "I have tried so hard to do right." Grover Cleveland was mayor of Buffalo in 1882; he was sheriff of Erie County, governor of New York, and twice president of the United States.

The parapet wall, high above the statues, with stylized eagles at each end, was originally twice as high as at present. The walls were reduced when they became unstable. Inscriptions referring to each president were removed by the lowering of the walls.

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Millard Fillmore

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Grover Cleveland

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