Edwin Lang Miller House - Table of Contents

Main Hall, Living Room, Drawing Room, Sun Room
Lang Miller House
175 Nottingham Terrace, Buffalo, NY

2003 Decorators' Show House
Sponsored by Junior League of Buffalo / The Buffalo News

Photographs were taken on January 21, 2003 -- while basic interior renovation was still taking place -- and before 50 decorators applied their art to transform the building into a show house.

Special thanks to owners Gerald and Natalie Schaffer, Intern Architect Thomas P. Breen, and Show Chairwoman Patty O'Brien for their cooperation and assistance.

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Main Hall: vestibule and main entrance on right

Entablature-style molding

Wrought iron ornamentation on front doors.

Alcove to right of Vestibule

Detail from previous photo: acanthus leaves design on panel

Pilasters flank entrance to foyer

Pilasters flank entrance to Main Hall

Main Hall

Gothic ornamentation on oak door

Drawing Room bracketed cornice; fluted Composite pilasters

Drawing Room. Marble fireplace mantle uses Classical Greek entablature form

Detail of previous photo

Wave scroll (Vitruvian wave) ornament on wainscot

Steel reinforcements in ceiling


Library fireplace detail.

Library ceiling: plaster fleur-de-lis and rosette ornamentation.
Modillions, dentils

Library ceiling: plaster fleur-de-lis and rosette ornamentation.

Library. Cinquefoil windows on top

Sun Room. Cornice with supporting modillions

Sun Room. Acanthus motif in frieze

Sun Room fireplace.
Acanthus motif in frieze

Detail from previous photo. Acanthus motif in frieze

Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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