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East aisle stained glass windows - St. Adalbert Basilica
212 Stanislaus Street, Buffalo, NY14212
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Stained glass windows by Mayer of Munich

The Holy Family

Details below:

The Holy Family
Stenciled architectural canopy.
“The canopies in the space above the figures are a favorite device used by the German Studios to fill large windows. This device was first introduced in the fourteenth century when German cathedrals began to soar and windows became taller and narrower. – Nola Huse Tutag, Discovering Stained Glass in Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1987, p. 93

The Holy Family
Note the cross that Jesus has carved and dis carrying.

The Holy Family

The Holy Family
Stenciled  predella
Details of the other east aisle stained glass windows:

Virgin Mary on Her Deathbed (Dormition)
Note (beardless) John the Apostle holding her hand.

Martyrdom of St. Barbara
Note the tower.

Note the tongues of fire.

Imprisonment of St. Agnes
Note the chains

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Before Roman Emperor Maximinus
Also known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel - note the wheel in the lower left.

St Cecilia Playing the Organ

Special thanks to Pastor Fr. Thaddeus Bocianowski for his cooperation
and to Gregory Witul for his research assistance in 2011

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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