Klinck House
32 Summit Avenue, Buffalo, New York

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"Steamboat" style front porch

Diamond-pattern asbestos shingle roof



Originally, there was an electrified lamp with wires through the newel post

Note egg and dart around window with dentils below

Converted gas lamp

Two story-garage.
1st story:
Onondaga limestone which was probably quarried from the back yard, accounting for the slope.
2nd story: clapboard.

Garage wooden floor at driveway level. Note vehicle turntable.

First story vehicle turntable mechanics under the garage floor



Original owner

Klinck family (Klinck Meats)

Present Owners

Stephen and Judy Shanley (third owners)


In the early 1800's, the Parkside area was known as Flint Hill, which is actually part of the Onondaga escarpment, composed of alternating layers of flint and limestone.

The name "Summit" Avenue is derived from the top or summit of Flint Hill. The backyards slope downward towards Parkside Avenue.

Interesting Features

  • Onondaga limestone house and garage foundations probably quarried from the back yard
  • (Probable) original asbestos shingle roof, with some shingle replacements
  • "Steamboat" style front porch
  • Original wood-decorated fireplace
  • Stained glass window
  • Garage roundabout in wooden floor to turn a car 180 degrees to face the street

Some information contributed by John Opera.
Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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