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Exterior - Helsinki Central Railway Station
Eliel Saarinen
Art Nouveau
Saarinen was inspired by the Vienna Secession movement, and designed the station using a blend of elements of the Arts & Crafts movement with themes from traditional Finnish rural architecture to produce a decidedly romantic and nationalistic style.
Approximately 200,000 passengers per day in 2017
Distinguishing features:
Clock tower and the two pairs of statues holding the spherical lamps, lit at night-time, on either side of the main entrance.
Finnish granite cladding with reinforced concrete interior vaults

Detail below:

Copper stylized bellflowers(?)

Two details below:

Detail #1 - Art Deco style letters and geometric window design   ...   The bottom copper molding is detailed below:

Detail #2


Two details of the left bay below:

Detail #1 - Pink Finish granite

Detail #2 - Partially oxidized copper  spandrel panels

Side entrance features four termini  holding spherical lamps which are lit up at night

Figures were designed by Emil Wikstrom.

Clock and Tower

Art Deco style vertical geometric lines

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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