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Leonardo DaVinci at Château d'Amboise
2 Rue du Clos Lucé, 37400 Amboise, France
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UNESCO World Heritage site


Château du Clos Lucé - House where Leonardo lived for the three years before his death

Chapel of Saint-Hubert - Chapel where Leonardo is buried

Inventions - Museum in Château du Clos Lucé

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In 1515, Francis I won the Milan area in the battle of Marignan, and invited Leonardo to come to France.

The following year, the artist arrived at the Château du Clos Lucé after a journey across the Alps on mule-back. He brought with him three paintings: the Mona Lisa, Saint John the Baptist, and The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. Leonardo was named as “The King’s First Painter, Engineer and Architect”, and received a pension of 1000 gold crowns per year.

In 1519, the artist died at Le Clos Lucé at the age of 67.

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