Roller Skate Park
Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux Website  (online Dec. 2015)

A second graphic design took place on the mural that was created on the occasion of the opening of the skate park to the public in 2006. The mayor of Bordeaux appealed again to Bordeaux Full Color collective that brings together graffiti artists : Dem189, Grems, Lek, Mike Crystal, Res, Subcultur, Sion, Smo, Zarb

The final touches of this collective work was made in November 2012.

To draw attention to this equipment, the group has chosen to represent the sliding sports Skateboard, BMX and Roller. And in different personal styles, the artists also mingled realistic images such as characters, day and night views of Bordeaux with graphics and dynamic abstract lines. Each section of wall, variations alternate with combinations of shapes, colors and original materials.

Along the Garonne side promenade, a wave of abstract interlacing embodies the origin of skiing. On the place of Martinique, a vegetal element is a transition with the banks. At the other end, an enlargement in full speed and close-up of a skateboard is a strong signal to attract attention on the site. The colors of the wall are in contact with the mineral pavers. In connection with the urban landscape along the waterfront, the collective plays with a smooth writing, with blurred outlines. Further dense and contrasted writing syncopated black and white takes movement and rhythm with futuristic accents.

Bordeaux Full Color collective was born there nearly 15 years. He works in groups under orders, performances and workshops dedicated to graffes and street arts. He is involved in many achievements in Bordeaux but also in cultural events in Paris and abroad.

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