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Gothic Castle - Château de Bourdeilles
Pl. de la Halle, 24310 Bourdeilles in Dordogne, France

Chateau de Bourdeilles is actually a complex of two castles: one medieval castle, built in the thirteenth century on older foundations; and another castle which is a Renaissance palace of the sixteenth century. The entire site was listed as a historical monument in 1919.

Castle of the Counts (medieval) occupies the entire west terrace. It consists of a stately home with an octagonal tower and preceded by a courtyard surrounded by high fortified walls.

Geraud de Maulmont began its construction from 1283, according to a model similar to that adopted in Chalus for another of his castles, Châlus Maulmont.

The construction of the dungeon would have started around 1280  and would be completed in the following century.  It is 35 meters high [10.6 stories high], with thick walls of 2.50 meters [8.2 feet] and topped by a panoramic terrace from where one has a breathtaking view of Bourdeilles.
13th century Gothic style

Note the daylight between the wall and the corbel table: machicolation




Note Gothic pointed arches

Gothic pointed arch ... Quatrefoil above trefoil  arches

Fireplace ... Note columns (detailed below:)

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