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 The Church of Saint Joan of Arc
Rouen, France
(pron. roo ah)

Exterior photographs

Four stained glass windows

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The Church of Saint Joan of Arc was completed in 1979 in the center of the ancient market square of Rouen. This is the same location where Joan of Arc was burned alive for heresy in 1431.

Prior to World War II, this site was occupied by a church of Saint Vincent, which was heavily damaged in battle in 1944. The stained glass windows of the old church were not destroyed and were incorporated into the design of the new structure, where one can admire them today.

The modern church Sainte-Jeanne d'Arc and the adjacent market halls were designed by the architect Louis Arretche.  The sweeping curves of the structure are meant to evoke both the flames that consumed Joan of Arc and an overturned Viking ship. Many early christian churches were designed in the shape of an overturned boat.

- Wikipedia (April 2012)

Photos  taken in February 2012
Photos and their arrangement 2012Chuck LaChiusa
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