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Saint Sacerdos Cathedral
Sarlat, France

The Cathedral was built over five different centuries.

The cathedral was originally a Romanesque abbey church, from which the only vestige is the bell tower (the roof in the shape of a bulb dates from the 18th century). When Sarlat became an Episcopal city in 1317, the church became a cathedral, but in spite of its out datedness, work would not begin until two centuries later. The choir dating from the 16th century and the nave from the 17th century were both built in a Flamboyant Gothic style with lancet windows and flying buttresses.

The dedication refers to Saint Sacerdos rather than to the Latin term sacerdos ("priest"). There are two French saints called Sacerdos, but the cathedral refers to Sacerdos of Limoges, whose relics it received during the Middle Ages.

Saint Sacerdos Limoges or Sacerdos Calviac (670 - about 720) is a  French saint, whose feast day is celebrated May 5.

According to the account of his life written in the late eleventh century, he was born in Calviac near Sarlat and became a monk. He was the founder and abbot of the abbey of Calabria Calviac.  He was bishop of Limoges  711-716

Sensing his end near and wanting to die in his native village, he began the return journey and died en route. He was buried in the abbey of Calabria in 720.  His remains were transferred to the Saint-Sacerdos Cathedral Sarlat in the tenth century

His mother was Saint Mondane

Besides the Sarlat Cathedral, the church of Salles-de-Belvès is dedicated to him.  The Spanish town of Siguenza also states that he was one of its bishops.

- Information culled from Wikipedia: Sacerdos of Limoges (online Dec. 2015)

The Romanesque style belfry dates from the 9th century  ... Romanesque blind arches  ... Sculptures above the entrance are detailed below:

Sculptures above the entrance: Saint Sacerdos(?)

Sculptures above the entrance: Saint Sacerdos(?)

Apse walls fortified by pier buttresses

Flamboyant Gothic style  lancet  stained glass window

18th Century lantern in background  ...  Flying buttress


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