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Olympia, Greece

Olympia Sanctuary

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Hermes and Dionysos

Hermes and Dionysos

Hermes and Dionysos

Ionic column

Corinthian column (Roman)

Corinthian column (Roman) - alternate view

Corinthian column (Roman) - alternate view

Long jump weights and photo of long jumper on vase

Vase - detail. The long jumper held the weights while he jumped. The proper form with the weights in front of the body woiuld popel the jumper forward.

Poster of an ancient Greek warrior with his defensive armor.

Boar's teeth Trojan War helmet.

Bronze "Corinthian" helmets

Bronze "Corinthian" helmet.

Bronze "Corinthian" helmet. With the passing of time, the shape came to follow the contours of the skull more and more closely so that they were a better fit on the warrior's head.



Bronze breastplate

Angular part of the painted terracotta pediment of the Gelan treasury.

Restoration of part of the