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Sculpture  - Bargello National Museum
(pronounced: bar jello)
AKA: Palazzo del Bargello, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, or Palazzo del Popolo (Palace of the People)

Florence, Italy

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Museum rooms

Giambologna, Flying Mercury

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Bacchus

Andrea Del Verrocchio, David

Donatello, David

Donatello, David

Donatello, Saint George

Giovanni Della Robbia, Lamentation

Santi Buglioni, Noli Me Tangere

Luca Della Robbia, Madonna with Child with Angels

Giovanni Della Robbia, Nativity

February 2020 Photos


Hermes/Mercury   ...  
"The most celebrated sculpture by Giambologna is the Mercury, known in four versions whose chronology is uncertain   .... The fourth, a flying variant in Florence was completed by 1580, when it became a fountain figure at the Villa Medici, Rome. Mercury balances on a bronze column of air issuing from the mouth of Zephyr, over which flowed water, increasing the illusion that he was floating. ... The god assumes an arabesque, balanced precariously on his toes, and points upward to Jupiter. It is Mannerist in that it can be appreciated from all angles and is elongated and elegant; yet these features contrast with its amazing physicality and an evident study of weights and balances. " - Web Gallery of Art: Mercury   (online March 2020)

Six details below:


Zephyr, the west wind


Madonna and Child   ...   Four details below:

St. John the Baptist in upper left   ...   St. John is more frequently found depicted with the baby Jesus in art in Europe than in the US


St. John the Baptist


   ...   Four details below:

Note grapes

Satyr eating grapes

Note satyr's goat legs


Icon   ...   Mosaic   ...   Pantocrator    ...   Two details below:


Crucifixion   ...   Three details below:


David   ...      Six details below:

Decapitated Goliath

Decapitated Goliath

David  ...   1408-1409   ...   Four details below:

Decapitated Goliath     ...   See a later Donatello statue David below:

See an earlier Donatello statue David above.
(Michaelangelo's David: 1501-1504)

David    ...   1440-1457(?)   ...   Five details below:

Decapitated Goliath

This Saint George statue was sculpted between the two above David statues.   ...  

Flanking pinnacles   ...   Finial atop pediment    ...     Gothic style  trefoil arch

Saint George

Lamentation  ...   Two details below:

Pelican and chicks   ...    INRI     ...    Crown of thorns


Noli Me Tangere   ...   Note lower left predellaSt. Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata

St. Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata

"Nativity" is located on the back wall   ...   Five details below:

God the Father  ...   Holy Spirit depicted as a dove

St. John the Baptist, dressed in hair shirt, in between Jospephj and Mary  ...   St. John is more frequently found depicted with the baby Jesus in art in Europe than in the US.

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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