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Palazzo Fenzi
AKA Palazzo Dardinelli-Fenzi

Via Camillo Cavour 39, Florence, Italy

Style: Renaissance

"The building, easily recognizable by the sumptuous graffiti on the facade, was built for the Dardinelli in the late sixteenth century, designed by Santi di Tito. The coat of arms of the family is at the center of the façade, while the higher one is that of Fenzi, who purchased it in the nineteenth century, uniting other great family palace on Via San Gallo." - Wikipedia: Palazzo Dardinelli-Fenzi (online March 2020)

The exterior features sgraffito (skra FEE toh, zgrah-) is a type of decoration executed by covering a surface, as of plaster or enamel, of one color, with a thin coat of a similar material of another color, and then scratching or scoring through the outer coat to show the color beneath.

Sgraffito   ...   Arabesques

Balconet features single vase balusters

 Coat of arms

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