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Exterior - Pantheon
Rome, Italy

Erected 18-128 C.E.

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Piazza della Rotunda

Rear of the building

This view of the rear of the building clearly shows the dome. This is perhaps the most influential building in art history because the dome was the model for the Florence Cathedral dome, which launched the Renaissance, and for Michaelangelo's dome of St. Peter's. Even Washington D.C.'s capitol building was inspired by this dome.

The masonry dome

Remnants of the original marble cladding. Marble from both the exterior and interior were "recycled" into later Christian buildings, although the Pantheon was turned into a church. See the Christian statues, etc. in the interior of the building.

What looks like a moat today is actually the original street height.

Excerpts from
By Robert Hughes
Vintage Books, 2011, pp. 110-112

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